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We are The Word Tribe

We are The Word Tribe.

We take the Bible seriously...


We also take the Bible inspirationally, imaginatively, creatively, recreationally,

curiously, and devotionally

(and we can think of loads more -lys!).


The word challenges us and yet encourages us.

It reassures us and yet disturbs us.

It gives us answers and yet offers up more questions.

It is ancient and yet always new,

alive with the breath of the Spirit.


The way we see it is that God, in typical fashion, started a project in partnership with humans (there have been a few! God loves participation). A long time ago, He inspired some of them to put His Words into their words. The project continues as we seek the inspiration to turn their words back into His Words and discover what God is saying to us today.


The Word Invites us to conversation, wisdom and Encounter, Inspires us to love and to grow, and allows us to Imagine new possibilities and develop creativity.

If you identify with this 'Word-view', then join us at The Word Tribe.

About us.        Join us.       Contact us.

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