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Who's Behind

The Word Tribe?

Lynne & Darren

The Word Tribe is a shared hobby and passion for Lynne and Darren Shaw. Both have a deep love and respect for God's word, along with the gifts of teaching and creativity. The Word Tribe is a shared expression of those gifts, serving as an outlet to others while strengthening the bond of marriage in the process. 

In April 2020, Lynne and Darren will have been married for 25 years and in full-time ordained ministry for over 20 (a few less for Darren due to a nasty skirmish with M.E. Learn more)

In that time they have served congregations & communities in London, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Cornwall, Hampshire, South Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire (all UK) as Officers of The Salvation Army*. They don't profess to be experts, but long to share their ongoing learning and experience with others.

Darren and Lynne are devoted followers of Jesus and the proud parents of three incredible human beings.

Lynne is from Portsmouth and Darren is from Southampton.

Just don't mention football.


*This is a privately run website. Any views expressed belong solely to the authors and do not represent the views of The Salvation Army.

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